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The innovative all in one Protect in® safety banner barrier fence system! 


With Protect in® safely cordon off, barricade construction sites To protect personnel by preventing or controlling exposure to hazards through the use of our patented Protect in® barricade, demarcation and signage system 




  • Protect in® is temporary hard/soft barricading safety fence system that can prevent workers, or objects falling from a high structure. 



  • Protect in® can substantially reduce costs allocated to health and safety at construction sites ,and are a cost effective return on investment.
  • Protect in® can make it easy to cordon off any area of construction.
  • Protect in® fence consists of strong printable screens with measurements of 2 meters length by 1.10 meters height that can be anchored to any standard size scaffolding system or our specially designed connector point steel poles and cabling system.


  • Building construction safety barricades, safety fencing and road construction safety barrier fencing by Protect in® is an innovative solution.


  • The Protect in® protective safety barrier fence system, which is not only used for safety but is also ideal for displaying construction safety signs, at construction sites is now in South Africa. 


Protect in® is perfect for mechanical, civil and building contractors, road construction and road maintenance safety, mining and civil works. The solid safety fencing is also excellent for any other companies needing to set up solid safety barrier systems for safety or crowd control.






Protect in® differentiates itself from the competition in a number of ways; it is synthetic, solid, foldable, eco friendly and can withstand a push force of 1.200 kg and is certified!


  • Temporary edge protection systems are used in construction work, primarily to prevent persons and objects from falling to a lower level from roofs, edges, stairs and other areas where protection is required. The temporary edge protection can in some situations also act as a handrail for people to hold onto when working or walking close to an edge.


  • The European Standard EN 13374:2004(E) specifies the requirements and test methods for temporary edge protection systems for use during construction or maintenance of buildings and other structures. Class A protection, classification of edge protection systems, provides resistance to static loads only, based on the requirements to:
  • Support a person leaning on the protection or provide a handhold when walking beside it or arrest a person who is walking or falling towards the protection.


  • The Protect in® safety barricade fencing system is versatile


  • Earn money with the safety barrier fencing system by screen-printing advertisements for other companies on the barrier. Promote your own company on the barrier while it is in use on your construction site or print your company safety rules on the fence to be displayed at work sites.


  • Because the Protect in® safety barrier fence can be personalized there are many options for advertising. Branding your own company is a good way to utilize the possibility to advertise on the safety fence.


  •  Protect in® Safety barrier fence is lightweight and easy to set up

  • The protective barrier by Protect in®  is lightweight and easy to set up. The system is reusable and has a highly visible modular barrier fencing system for road works, identifying obstacles, crowd control and fencing dangerous areas.
  • Protect in®  is eco-friendly and recyclable. The system is re-usable and has a lifespan of up to 2 years. Industrial Safety Fences and Barriers should be retractable, easy to pack and move, lightweight and durable. Our fence barrier meet all these demands and more.
  • Protect in® safety fencing barrier system comes with an added bonus; the fence can be personalized which means it can be used for advertising purposes.  



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                  Business Opportunity Summary

Safety protection for construction, mining and civil works is our core focus at Protect in . Our company is dedicated to the design, manufacture and commerce of safety protection in the form of barrier fencing. The Protect in product was established in 2010 in Barcelona, Spain using a new revolutionary protection system which is resistant, adjustable and easy to fold, store, transport and assemble. The safety barrier material is eco-friendly and reusable for up to two years. Furthermore the protection system can be used for advertisement exposure for your own company or for selling advertising space to other companies.

Earn money with the safety barrier fencing system by screen-printing advertisements for other companies on the barrier. Promote your own company on the barrier while it is in use on your construction site or print your company safety rules on the fence to be displayed at work sites.

This is a great product to build long term clients and has the potential for excellent returns.




 Protect in® is the Effective, Versatile, Fast to assemble, Easy to store, affordable Advertising, High return all in one safety fence!




Protect in® South Africa

RSA Head Office & Factory


Tel: 079 184 0087






Protect in have UNE EN-13374:20014 Certification by and is patented.


  Protect in® were the winners of business idea contest of la sale technova Barcelona in 2010.


The Protect in® product, designs is patented Protect-in brand and any distinguishing mark that appears on the product is copyrighted and is owned by Protect Point SL and is protected by laws of trademarks and are the property of their respective owners and of industrial property.


Due to popular demand, we now include industrial safety supplies in our services portfolio Contact us for a free estimate.




Our safety barrier fencing system is certified, GREEN eco Friendly and recyclable

eco friendly

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The ScaffGuard system is patented has been designed

& is manufactured in Australia with more than 55 000 units sold

  • Light and fast to install
  • Stacks like plates and easy to transport
  • UV resistant with long work life
  • Strong and can withhold wind loads
  • Can be printed on for branding and advertising



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