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The standards for scaffolding specifically outlines the capacity, width, tipping point requirements and

guardrail requirements of various types of scaffolding. While variations exist, the general rule

dictates standard scaffolding must be 18 inches wide and support its own weight along with

four times its intended load. Direct connections and counterweights must be able to resist at

least four times the tipping moment while ropes and connecting hardware

used on suspension scaffolds must be able to support six times

their intended load.


How to comply

In addition to complying with capacity, width and

tipping moment requirements, employers can avoid

scaffolding standard violations by paying acute

attention to fall protection requirements. All scaffolds

must have a 10-foot trigger height for protection, with

guardrails at least 38 inches high when they are

the primary fall protection and 36 inches high

when fall arrest systems are in place.

Properly inspecting scaffolding before

each shift is a must, as are training

dismantlers and erectors to

recognize hazards.



Our safety fence in practical use.



  Protect in is 

Branded safety guard rail fencing

    Protect in safety fence in practical use.



Our safety barrier fencing system is certified, GREEN Eco Friendly and recyclable

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