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Fall Protection

The OSHA standard dictates that all walking and

working surfaces have the structural integrity and

strength to support employees. It also outlines

safety precautions that must be in place to

prevent workers from falling or overhead objects

from falling upon workers. Precautions must be

taken when any surface is 6 feet or higher above an

adjacent surface.

How to comply

Fall protection systems are a must for complying with fall

Protection standards. Systems can include protective barriers,

guardrails, safety gates, safety net systems or

personal fall arrest devices. The most effective

system depends on the individual situation, with

employers responsible for choosing adequate

protection for workers on roofs, ramps, edges

or near holes, excavations. The standard

also requires protection for bricklayers

reaching 10 inches or more to a surface

below or workers positioned.

Our safety fence in practical use.



  Protect in is 

Branded safety guard rail fencing

    Protect in safety fence in practical use.



Our safety barrier fencing system is certified, GREEN Eco Friendly and recyclable

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