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introduction to Protect in


Introduction Protect in construction safety fence

With Protect in safely cordon off, barricade construction sites objects falling from a high structure. hot work areas, sand blasting areas, rock blasting areas, crane operating areas, heavy machinery areas, open Excavation areas, road works areas mechanical construction works areas, civil construction works areas mining areas and more!

Protect in can substantially reduce costs allocated to health and safety at construction sites, and are a cost effective and return on investment. Protect in is a safety fence system that can prevent workers, or objects falling from a high structure.

Protect in can make it easy to cordon off any area of construction.

Protect in fence consists of strong printable screens with measurements of 2 meters length by 1.10 meters height, that can be anchored to any standard size scaffolding with the Protect in fence tensioning device

The Protect in protective barrier fence system, which is not only used for safety but is also ideal for displaying construction safety signs, is now in South Africa.

Protect in differentiates itself from the competition in a number of ways; it is synthetic, solid, foldable biodegradable and can withstand a push force of 1200kg and is certified! By Applus one of the world’s largest testing and certification bodies.

Protect in is an Effective, Versatile, Fast to assemble, Easy to store, Advertising, High return all in one safety fence

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Our safety barrier fencing system is certified, GREEN eco Friendly and recyclable

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