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Important points about safety barricade fencing

We all know that safety barricading and safety fencing is an essential in all sectors of industry from construction to mining, roads and transport.  Safety fencing protects the worker and the man in the street from construction accidents.  Sometimes the dangers are obvious sometimes they are hidden.


Safety fencing is cost effective, durable (lasting at least 2 years depending on conditions) and when one thinks of the risks, safety barriers are relatively inexpensive. There is no excuse not to install safety barricading and safety fencing on your construction site, your factory or for your building renovation.

Safety fencing is also cost effective as it can be re-used when the job is complete thus making it “green”.  It is highly unlikely that your safety fencing will be discarded when your construction is done.  It can be recycled and made to fit the parameters of the next job.  This is a positive in today’s world of fast escalating waste where everyone is aware of the benefits of recycling.  It also makes one’s initiall monetary outlay less as the material is going to be reused at least for the next couple of years, if not more.

Whether your sector is mining, construction, transport or industry, safety fencing or barricading is an essential for safety.    Safety fencing can keep an operator or other employees safe from moving parts or other hazards.  It is also important to keep any hazardous materials used in industry or manufacturing fenced off with access only available to those personnel trained to use the materials. 

It is our responsibility to protect workers and the public from construction accidents

We all have a responsibility to our employees and to the man in the street to ensure that safety fencing and barricading is used, in the correct, way wherever possible.  What is the correct way?  The following factors should be taken into consideration:

  • The safety fencing should be high enough so people (especially children) cannot climb over it
  • It should be of a design that makes it difficult to climb
  • It should have reinforcement at the bottom so that one cannot climb underneath it
  • The safety fencing should be strong enough and durable enough o withstand the elements
  • Gates or joins should not provide a security threat

The onus to erect safety fencing falls on the principal contractor. In this way the principal contractor is ensuring that the public and his workers are protected from:

  • Severe injury from falling scaffolding or equipment
  • Exposed electric cables
  • Drowning in shallow pools or pits
  • Tripping over objects or uneven ground
  • Hanging wires or industrial pipes
  • Falling off unfinished balconies or stairs

There is no doubt that safety fencing saves lives.  Ensure that your building site or factory or showroom is safe by installing the correct type of safety fencing or barricading to allow for maximum productivity and greater safety for everyone. With safety rules and safety fencing firmly in place one can look forward to hazard and injury free construction or industry. Adherence to safety regulations increases productivity. 

Our safety barrier fencing comes with an added bonus; it can be used for advertising purposes. You will be able to advertise your own company by print screening on the material of the barrier fence or you could sell advertising space on the fencing.


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